Barcodes & Gate Information

Barcodes are issued at the Winston Trails office. Please see schedule:


Monday – 9am to 4pm

Tuesday – No barcodes Issued

Wednesday – 8am to 4pm

Thursday – No barcodes issued

Friday – 9am to 4pm


Please remove the old decal before coming to the office.  The office staff cannot remove any decals. 


You will need to bring the vehicle registration and the vehicle. Acceptable forms of payment are Credit Card, Debit Card, or Check. NO CASH OR MONEY ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Bar code labels may NOT be transferred and no hand-held bar code labels will be issued. If you have any questions, please contact the management office at 561-433-9050.
Bar code labels cannot be issued in the rain or in extremely damp conditions. Instructions


Guest Barcode Application


Bar Code Policy - revised 02-2024