This is a sample of many of the approved colors. You can click on any name and it will take you to that color's page, if one exists. This page is NOT official and may contain unintended errors. Also, due to differences in equipment, the colors may not be exact. This is to be used only as a starting point.
Base Color Trim Color Accent Color
Accessible Beige SW 7036 Tony Taupe SW 7038 Foggy Day SW 6235
SW2157(no sample) SW2153(no sample) SW2221(no sample)
Banana Cream SW 6673 Extra White SW 7006 Roycroft Brass SW 2843
Blonde SW 6128 Navajo White SW 6126 Mannered Gold SW 6130
Chatroom SW 6171 Muslin SW 6133 Beach House SW 7518
Classic Sand SW 0056 Modern Gray SW 7632 Classic French Gray SW 0077
Colonial Revival Gray SW 2832 Pure White SW 7005 Downing Slate SW 2819
Colonial Revival Gray SW 2832 Pure White SW 7005 Harvester SW 6373
Comfort Gray SW 6205 Alabaster SW 7008 Rookwood Red SW 2802
Compatible Cream SW 6387 Jersey Cream SW 6379 Labradorite SW 7619
Concord Buff SW 7684 Pure White SW 7005 Porpoise SW 7047
Cottage Cream SW 7678 Ivory Lace SW 7013 Pure White SW 7005
Creamy SW 7012 Lanyard SW 7680 Tanbark SW 6061
Crescent Cream SW 7721 Paperwhite SW 7105 (no suggestion)
Cupola Yellow SW 7692 Summer White SW 7557 Wheat Penny SW 7705
Dakota Wheat SW 9023 Paperwhite SW 7105 (no suggestion)
Divine White SW 6105 Kilim Beige SW 6106 (no suggestion)
Dover White SW 6385 Gateway Gray SW 7644 Mediterranean SW 7617
Extra White SW 7006 Lazy Gray SW 6254 (no suggestion)
Extra White SW 7006 Rushing River SW 7746 Spiced Cider SW 7702
Faint Coral SW 6329 Zurich White SW 7626 Fired Brick SW 6335
Golden Gate SW 7679 Extra White SW 7006 (no suggestion)
Grassland SW 6163 Nonchalant White SW 6161 (no suggestion)
Grayish SW 6001 Ibis White SW 7000 Tricorn Black SW 6258
Harmonic Tan SW 6136 Netsuke SW 6134 Dover White SW 6385
Ice Cube SW 6252 Zurich White SW 7626 Serious Gray SW 6256
Impressive Ivory SW 7560 Paperwhite SW 7105 (no suggestion)
Jersey Cream SW 6379 Paperwhite SW 7105 (no suggestion)
Macadamia SW 6142 Pure White SW 7005 Caviar SW 6990
Maison Blanche SW 7526 Alabaster SW 7008 Dried Thyme SW 6186
Mindful Gray SW 7016 Pure White SW 7005 Reddened Earth SW 6053
SW3506(no sample) SW4032(no sample) SW3286(no sample)
Napery SW 6386 Extra White SW 7006 (no suggestion)
Olympus White SW 6253 Extra White SW 7006 Dustblu SW 9161
Perfect Greige SW 6073 Pure White SW 7005 Naval SW 6244
Pueblo SW 7711 Zurich White SW 7626 Colonial Revival Stone SW 2827
Rare Gray SW 6199 Casa Blanca SW 7571 Pewter Green SW 6208
Repose Gray SW 7015 Pure White SW 7005 Indigo Batik SW 7602
Row House Tan SW 7689 Irish Cream SW 7537 Foothills SW 7514
Roycroft Mist Gray SW 2844 Downing Stone SW 2821 Pure White SW 7005
Roycroft Mist Gray SW 2844 Downing Stone SW 2821 Rookwood Dark Red SW 2801
Sedate Gray SW 6169 Extra White SW 7006 (no suggestion)
Softer Tan SW 6141 Foothills SW 7514 Darkroom SW 7083
Tawny Tan SW 7713 Extra White SW 7006 Cobble Brown SW 6082
Universal Khaki SW 6150 Moderate White SW 6140 Naval SW 6244
Whole Wheat SW 6121 Antique White SW 6119 Raisin SW 7630
SW4006(no sample) SW4006(no sample) SW1452(no sample)
Wool Skein SW 6148 Hardware SW 6172 Fired Brick SW 6335
Zurich White SW 7626 Ice Cube SW 6252 Serious Gray SW 6256
Zurich White SW 7626 Zircon SW 7667 Peppercorn SW 7674
Original Westbrooke Colors Original Westbrooke Colors Original Westbrooke Colors
Alluring White SW 6343 Pure White SW 7005 (no suggestion)
Antique White SW 6119 Pure White SW 7005 (no suggestion)
Casa Blanca SW 7571 Pure White SW 7005 (no suggestion)
Crème SW 7556 Pure White SW 7005 (no suggestion)
Fragile Beauty SW 7553 Pure White SW 7005 (no suggestion)
Paper Lantern SW 7676 Pure White SW 7005 (no suggestion)
Spun Sugar SW 6337 Pure White SW 7005 (no suggestion)
Valspar Paint (Lowes) Valspar Paint (Lowes) Valspar Paint (Lowes)
Classic Buff 3006-10B Hunter’s White 6002-1B Spanish Tile 1010-5
Frolic 7003-12 Garden Walk 3010-9 Shaded Lake 5011-9
Gallery Grey 2006-10B Du Jour 7002-6 Peacock House 5010-4
Oatbran 6006-1B Au Lait Ole 3003-9C Posh Red 1011-4
Glidden Paint (Home Depot) Glidden Paint (Home Depot) Glidden Paint (Home Depot)
Country Cream 40Y Y 72/164 (no sample) Natural White 50YY 83/029 (no sample) Oxford Blue 10BB 40/090 (no sample)
Golden Rice 30YY 47/236 (no sample) Eloquent Ivory 45YY 75/110 (no sample) Clay Pot 50YR 21/318 (no sample)
Tea & Honey OOYY 62/144 (no sample) Antique White 40Y Y83/043 (no sample) Sweet Tea 30YR 11/219 (no sample)
Toasted Oatmeal 30YY 79/070 (no sample) Pink Beige OOYY 59/098 (no sample) Afternoon Tea 80YR 21/226 (no sample)
Behr (Home Depot) Behr (Home Depot) Behr (Home Depot)
Cinnamon Tea S200-2 Arid Landscape N310-2 Night Flight S520-7
Shitake N220-4 Off White 73 Washed Olive S350-3
Garage Door Colors Garage Door Colors Garage Door Colors
Baked Cookie SW 9098 (no suggestion) (no suggestion)
Dusted Truffle SW 9083 (no suggestion) (no suggestion)
Kaffee SW 6104 (no suggestion) (no suggestion)
Tatami Tan SW 6116 (no suggestion) (no suggestion)
Turkish Coffee SW 6076 (no suggestion) (no suggestion)